Troubleshooting Common Problems With Light Fixtures

Light Fixture Repair

How do you fix a dead light fixture?

When a light bulb burns out, it’s usually an easy fix. You go to the store, buy a package of light bulbs, come home and put the new bulb in.

But, what if the new bulb doesn’t light up? If you don’t have a faulty bulb, then you probably have a faulty fixture.

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What are some common problems with light fixtures?

Light fixtures are usually fairly resilient. Most of the time, when there’s a problem, it turns out to be a burned-out light bulb or a problem with the light socket that needs to be adjusted.

If these problems don’t light up your home, then you probably have an issue with your light fixture. That usually means something is disrupting the electrical flow to the fixture. Testing for fixture issues can often be as simple as turning the power off and checking the fixtures and the breaker box. Here are some issues you might discover:

  • Loose wiring connections that need to be checked by an electrician.
  • Flickering light bulbs which means the switch contacts are going bad.
  • A bad light socket will need to be replaced.
  • With recessed lighting, you could have improper wattage in the fixture.
  • Tightly packed insulation can cause overheating and fixture burnout.
  • A faulty limit switch may require you to replace the fixture.

How much does it cost to change a light fixture?

Costs will vary with a light fixture repair, but typically they will range between $75 and $175. The nature of the repair will affect the cost, as will the accessibility of the fixture and the wiring connections. It will usually take about an hour to complete a light fixture repair.

You’ll usually notice that you have a problem with your light fixture if it flickers or dims or doesn’t work if you’ve changed your light bulbs. Check too to see if the fixture is hot to the touch or if it is making a humming or buzzing sound.

Anytime you suspect you have a problem with a light fixture, have it checked out by an electrician because it could indicate a bigger problem with your electrical system. Licensed electricians like those at All Star Plumbing Air, Electrical and Generator will be able to assess whether your faulty light fixture is the only problem in the system or if it is much bigger. We’ll make the assessment so you can make an informed decision about repair options.

Can ceiling light fixtures be repaired?

Any qualified electrician should be able to detect and repair or replace a ceiling light fixture. The electrician will also be able to assess whether there is a bigger problem with your electrical system.

How do you diagnose bad wiring?

In many instances, a faulty light fixture will have faulty wiring. A light fixture repair, then, will require the electrician to check the bad wiring.

You can often tell that you have bad wiring because the lights will flicker or dim. Blown breakers and fuses are also typical signs of bad wiring. If your outlets are blackened or charred, you probably have bad wiring, as well.

Anytime fixtures are hot or switches or outlets emit electrical shocks, your wiring is bad. In this case, you definitely want to get an electrician out to make sure your home’s electrical system is safe and to make repairs.

You’ll want to immediately address any burning smell, as well. This is a serious sign of bad wiring.

When you have a certified electrician check for faulty wiring in your home, they will check for a variety of issues including looking for signs of fraying or other damage such as cracked insulation around the wiring. They will also look for exposed wiring dangling from ceilings or walls.

If you notice any frayed or damaged wiring, you can make a quick fix by wrapping it with electrical tape. Only use electrical tape, as other types of tape are not safe to use. This type of fix is usually temporary, and it’s best to get help from an electrician to resolve any electrical repairs. They’ll have the right skills, tools, and equipment to get the repair made safely.

What is the most common cause of electrical problems?

The leading cause of electrical problems is loose connections. Almost 30% of all electrical failures are caused by loose connections.

Following that, moisture in the electrical system causes about 17% of all failures.

Here are 8 more common problems that cause electrical failures:

  • Line disturbance
  • Defective or inadequate insulation
  • Lightning
  • Short circuit or foreign object
  • Dirt, dust, or oil
  • Overloads
  • Collisions
  • Other

Can a cut electrical wire be repaired?

If you just have minor damage to the wire’s outer jacket, you can make a repair using electrical tape under certain circumstances. The insulating layer of the wiring cannot, however, be repaired. Any cut wire must be spliced or replaced.

If you’re splicing wires, you keep safety in the back of your mind. When splicing use only electrical tape. Electrical tape is specifically designed for wiring. Other types of tape like duct tape should not be used as this type of tape or any other tape will not be safe.

When making a repair, while tape may sound like it’s the easiest way to repair wire, using connectors is actually easier and often safer. You can find all different kinds and sizes of connectors on the market today for making an electrical repair.

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