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Pumps are essential parts for many plumbing setups and operations. Grinder pumps help manage solid waste in your sewer lines, grinding it down so it can be released into the sewer system or septic tank. If it’s stopped working, All Star Plumbing Air, Electrical and Generator can fix it. We are a leading grinder pump repair service in Covington, LA. Our technicians will quickly restore your grinder pump. Put in a service request by calling 985-778-2145 or by filling out our online form.

Our Grinder Pump Repair Services

All Star Plumbing Air, Electrical and Generator’s professionals have become leaders in grinder pump repair in Covington, LA because of our extensive knowledge of all types of pumps. We excel at repairing all types of pumps.  

Grinder pumps consist of an alarm panel, a tank, and a pump, which has a float that works as a sensing device. This waste management device pumps sanitary sewage from the home to the municipal sewage system when the household plumbing is below the main sewer level and doesn’t have any downhill slope. 

Wastewater and solid waste pass through the grinder pump and all solid materials are chopped and ground, allowing it all to pass through to the sewer system.

Regular maintenance and cleaning are needed on these types of pumps due to grease build-up. Left unattended, the grease can build up and cause the pump to fail.  

Grinder Pump Installation

Along with the repair, we can install grinder pumps. You can always expect exceptional service from our team.

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